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Instagram hashtags – what insta hashtags are popular?


Popular Hashtags or Matched? What hashtags on insta should I use? Thousands of people ask themselves this question and many similar questions every day. One of the main goals of running social media profiles is to reach the largest audience possible. The reason may be the desire to build a community, create a potential customer target, promote a service, etc. However, regardless of the exact reason, this task requires a lot of effort, because gaining popularity on Instagram turns out to be quite a challenge.

Insta Hashtags – Why Are They So Important?

Instagram hashtags, an internal tagging system for entries, help achieve this goal. Because they operate on a thematic basis (under one hashtag, e.g. #dog, we can find photos of dogs or photos thematically related to them), the process of searching for the desired content is much easier. Instead of browsing through thousands of different profiles individually, without a guarantee that you will find the desired photo, you just need to sort the photos according to a thematic tag and the Instagram script will do it for you. 

This alone proves the enormous power of hashtags, which when properly used can be a powerful tool in a marketing machine. Properly, that is, with caution and thought, based on the right number of hashtags, their popularity, topics, etc. Using them for promotional purposes, you can very easily reach the most niche groups of recipients or, on the contrary, advertise yourself in large, multi-million communities. Deliberately ignoring the power of hashtags and not using them in descriptions is eliminating a great chance to reach potential customers. And most importantly, absolutely free, because there is no payment for using hashtags.

Appropriate selection of hashtags

So how to most effectively choose hashtags for Insta to be sure that you will gain profile entries, Instagram likes, and Instagram followers? First of all, the basic rule is to stick to the topic of the post, photo, and hashtags. And not only because you can get a penalty from Instagram for the frequent use of popular hashtags that do not match the photos. It is also about respecting the users themselves and not misleading them. Just put yourself in their place: when you are looking for photos of fashionable dresses, after entering the appropriate hashtag we want to see only fashionable dresses, not hundreds of photos that are not related to them.

In order for the hashtags on IG to fulfill their role, they should fit thematically to the photo, but also use small marketing tricks. What can they consist of? These are, for example, treatments such as:

– hashtags diversification into popular, less popular and niche

– use of # like4like operational tags

– Instagram hashtags in different languages

– using the currently fashionable hashtags trends

You can use external companies that specialize in social media marketing and help you create a list of Insta hashtags that match your specific profile. If we want to deal with it ourselves, it will be helpful to use various types of lists and rankings presenting popular hashtags on Insta for a given day, week, month or even year.

Don’t overdo the quantity

Knowing the enormous power of hashtags it’s easy to get carried away. Since one hashtag can provide us with hundreds of Internet users, what’s the problem to add twenty, fifty, or even a hundred? In theory, this seems logical. In practice, such action can cause a lot of harm to yourself, and even lead to a temporary blocking of the account. Adding hashtags in moderation is important not only because it protects against unpleasant consequences. It also allows you to select keywords that will actually bring you profits, and not just a clog in the description field. So is there any limit on IG hashtags? The system allows you to enter 30 once (or more precisely – only the top 30 is taken into account). This does not mean that you must necessarily use them. Most people today use a maximum of 10-15 words.Instagram hashtags that should be the main topic, but not necessarily the most popular. The next seven are less known keywords (with a smaller range), but still within the thematic scope of the post. The last five, on the other hand, are niche tags, little used, but they allow to precisely define a given issue.

Banned Hashtags on Instagram

You also have to watch out for traps that not every Instagram user is aware of. One of them, and by far the most severe, are hashtags on Insta that were entered on the ban list. Their use will prevent a post marked in this way from being displayed in search results for any of the hashtags used in the post. It doesn’t matter that out of 10 good tags, one will be banned – in this case all ten are hidden by the site script.

So let’s check if a hashtag is “legal” before using it. It is done in a trivial way: all you have to do is enter the Instagram hashtags you want to use in the search engine. If no results are displayed under a given tag, it is proof that the given word has been banned by the website. And which words can count on such “honor”? Contrary to appearances, these are not only Instagram hashtags containing offensive terms, racist, pornographic or vulgar content. Very often these are also popular hashtags on IG that have been misused by users. By banning, the administration simply tries to limit the negative phenomenon of using popular tags to promote entries completely unrelated to their main thematic message. 

Instagram hashtags in 2021

It’s also not surprising that due to their specific role, Instagram hashtags have their own popularity rankings. A tag’s position on the list depends on one factor: how often it was used by internet users during the period under study. Therefore, popularity trends can be different, counted in days, weeks or years. And it is the 2021 hashtags that are the determinant that is worth paying attention to when planning tags for your post. Why Instagram 2021 hashtags and not the daily or monthly ones? Because it is in the context of the whole year that it is easiest to assess the popularity of a given phrase. These words that are fashionable on Monday do not have to be fashionable on Friday. Popularity trends are better researched throughout the year, and the popular hashtags and rankings created in this way are much more accurate and trustworthy.

Popular Instagram hashtags in 2021

So what words are the best to pay attention to in your entries? Which IG hashtags are popular in 2021? Has the trend from previous years changed in any way? Of course, while maintaining the theme of the hashtag for the entry, you can use the very popular ones, such as:

  • # 2021 
  • #love 
  • #photography 
  • #fashion
  • #travel
  • #instagood
  • #tbh
  • #animal
  • #happy
  • #myday
  • #work
  • #food
  • #picoftheday
  • #music
  • #nature

What about niche hashtags?

Contrary to appearances, using only popular hashtags on Insta will not have a good effect. This is because of their popularity – there will be thousands of other photos under a given tag. So how do you make it yours? The easiest way to reach for the less popular Insta 2021 hashtags and even those belonging to strictly niche categories. This solution is widely used in marketing – popular tags drive the search engine listing, and the less known ones allow you to reach a specific audience. Specific, i.e. one that is interested in a given topic and just knows what hashtags to look for.

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