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Everything you need to know about Denim


Jeans are unarguably the most common and casual masculine wear. Men’s denim jeans are exceptionally popular among the men of all ages. These versatile pants are believed to be available in nearly every market around the globe.

Denim is worn by popular personalities in Hollywood to farmers in small towns. It is sold for hundreds of dollars by designer brands and also for a few pounds in thrift stores. In short, denim jeans are the item of clothing that is popular amongst the men of every demographic.

In addition to its popularity, denim also has a rich history that will be described in the following blog. Furthermore, we will also discuss the variety of options of denim jeans available today along with how you can find a pair of denim that flatters your body the most.

What exactly is Denim?

Denim is basically a type of a textile, which is made by warp-faced twill of good quality cotton. When the sturdy cotton is passed through the weft under two or more warp threads, a diagonal weave is produced, giving denim their standard appearance. During the process only warp threads are dyed blue, leaving the remaining weft thread in a white hue. Because of this unique weaving, denim appears blue on the outside of the trousers and white from the linings. This process is known as “Indigo Dyeing Process” and it is responsible for the unique fading capabilities that make denim distinct from other fabrics.

Origin of Denim Jeans

Although Americans claim to be the fathers of denim, the actual fabric was first made around the 16th century Genoa in Italy, Nimes and France.

By the onset of the 1800s a Swiss banker, Jean-Gabriel, designed this fabric when Massena’s troops arrived in Genoa and Eynard. He was given the task to make the strongest fabric for the uniform of the troops. By using the indigo cloth, Jean created a pair of trousers, ‘ Bleu de Genes’, which is believed to be the first type of blue jeans.

Shortly after this episode, the weavers in Nimes tried to replicate the ‘jeans’, but instead, they created a similar product, which today is known as ‘denim’. The original fabric of jean is considered closer to cotton, which increased the popularity of weavers of Genoa.

 With the evolution of jeans, the highest quality of the fabric is believed to be produced in France.

Distinct features of Denim Jeans

Let’s now dive into the features of denim that made it instantly famous and extensively admired.

The cut and fit feature of denim jeans is one of its’ most admirable characteristics. This feature is driven by the trend, for instance, you can take a look at baggy-legged jeans that were very popular in the 90s and the narrow high-waisted jeans of the 80s.  A good cut requires a balance between the style you find yourself most comfortable with and the one that fits you perfectly.

There are several categories of ‘cuts’ available, but the two most popular designs for men are:

  1. The Slim Cut Jeans

These are relatively looser than skinny pants. The width of the leg is slightly tapered from thigh to ankle. This style is made for the men who want to appear lean without having to wear fabric too close to their skin.

  1. Tapered Jeans

These may look straight from the 80s, but they can look flattering on most of the bodies. This is a bit loose then slim cut, but they can still make you look slimmer.

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