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Different Types Of Display Boxes And Their Uses


Why are all these counters empty? Why there are no display boxes?


 What are these boxes and why do we need them when we have all these aisles?

Who is going to look for these boxes?

Hold on with all this bombarding!

We are here to wipe all these confusions right away. 

Grab your favorite drink and get going. 

Display Boxes

It is what the name implies. These boxes are used to showcase or display products in the best way possible, where they are clearly visible to the customers.

Purpose Of Display Boxes

Display packaging helps in promoting your product or service by grabbing more customer attention because of its wide display. The products displayed on these boxes instantly create a very professional and positive brand image. Not only it increases the sales but also helps in promotion, advertising and, marketing of the product or the company. 

Custom display boxes also keep the stuff organized and save a lot of space in the retail and counters. 


Display boxes are made up of paperboard, corrugated cardboard, and corrugated e-flute cardboard using advanced die cutting techniques in any shape and size. 


Innovative technology has made it possible to give these boxes a completely new and custom looks by printing and designing. Counter display boxes allow companies to use colors, prints, and information of their choice to put on these boxes that best represent their brand. Laminations, foiling, and wax coating makes these boxes luxurious and more durable. 

Like any other thing, there are different types of display boxes that are used for different purposes. 

1.  Counter Display Box


Countertop displays are compact in size that can easily fit on the shelf without taking a lot of space. These boxes can hold products from smaller to bigger very quickly in a very organized way. 


Cardboard or corrugated cardboard is strong and sturdy which give these boxes the strength and a strong base to keep the box in place. 


The cash counter is the best place to place these boxes as it is the last thing that customers see when they leave a store. It has two really great benefits;

Display packaging creates an impulse purchase. While waiting on the counter for your turn, these boxes are the thing that customers interact with, and most of the time they end up grabbing a thing or two from these display boxes.

Being the last thing seeing while leaving a store these boxes and the products inside linger on the mind of the customers and reinforce the brand. 

2.  Multiple-Tiers Display Bins


These custom display boxes are vertically long and high enough to face a person standing in front of it perfectly. These display boxes have multiple tier sections to display a large number of products. These stand-up bin boxes have a removable header that grabs more attention of the customers. 


The material used to these boxes is mainly cardboard and corrugated cardboard. It is the most reliable form of cardboard that can hold any type, size, and quantity of products. 


This display packaging comes to the rescue to sell the products that have a prolonged selling rate. Display bins are placed near or at the side of the aisles where the products can come in complete limelight, distinguished from others. These boxes are perfect for free-standing items like boxes, bottles, jars, and others.

3. Power Wing Display Boxes


Power wing boxes have a long header and a relatively smaller base. These display stands are used to hang the products. The base of these custom display boxes is optional that can be attached or detached according to the need. 


Custom display boxes can be designed according to customers demand. It allows companies to make these display stands in the colors of their choice with information that highlight product or company’s detail. Manufacturers use corrugated layers of cardboard to make these boxes to provide extra strength.


These boxes are perfect for displaying the product in the most stylish and trendy way. These boxes are used in the retailers near the counters or the doors where customers can see these boxes as much as they can. Frequent encounter with such a unique, attractive, and expressive marketing tool leaves an everlasting image in the mind of the customers.

To get the full benefit of display packaging, it is necessary to understand your needs and objective, plus what do you need to convey to your customers must be clear. Use of attractive designs with attractive colors and different lamination can give these boxes a polished finish that helps in gaining the trust of the customers and increase brand worth as quality matters in creating a positive image. 

Purpose of packaging is to gain customer’s attention, promote your product, and create a positive brand image in the eyes of the customers. Display packaging allows better interaction of the company with its target audience. It is not only effective in the marketing of a product but is also a sustainable solution for all the needs. The material used to make these boxes is highly eco-friendly and recyclable, which make these boxes loved by all the people.

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