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How Custom Pie Boxes Can Rise Your Bakery Business


Pie is a special food known for sharing love, emotions, and special feelings on different occasions. Receiving pies from different people means that they respect you from the bottom of their hearts. They want you to live a life like the taste of pie i.e. sweet and delicious. They send you a gift with personalized feelings which means that they want to convey a message. The message can be more clear and understandable if sent in custom pie boxes.  

If you are a young entrepreneur or an expert baker struggling to grow your business then you are in the right place. This blog will provide you with some great tips and hacks to enhance your business through special boxes. 


These boxes provide a long list of features. Below are the most important features.


Personalized pie boxes are the storytellers. Every box tells a different story. The story can be about returning thanks, showing deep respect, or sending love. It all depends on the circumstances. They are different from the traditional boxes which cannot properly deliver the message due to their simplicity. 

Drives Client Attention

To drive a client’s attention it is crucial to provide specific information about the product for a better understanding. It can be done through the making of custom pie boxes with logo. Through it, a customer will have a more comprehensive understanding of what is best for him. 

Otherwise, he will simply ignore those boxes that do not provide any information, failing to decide whether it suits him.

Brand Ambassadors

These boxes are the walking brand ambassadors of your business. Imagine if a person sends a pie to his neighbor as appreciation for his kindness. Before unboxing the neighbour will first look at the customized box driving attention to the name of your brand. If he likes it he will surely tell the other people in the town. 

In this way, your business presence and sales will be increased over time attracting a large number of people. 

Maintain Freshness

Custom Pie Packaging is known for maintaining freshness. This is because it protects pies from external elements like air and moisture. Through it, a bakery item can last longer for weeks. 

Eco-Friendly Nature

These boxes are recyclable because they are made up of biodegradable materials. They are friendly to the environment and human nature. As we know the world is facing climate change issues so it’s the best option to adopt. Also, the universal recycling symbol will show your company’s respect for the environment. 

Perfect Food For Special Occasions

In many cultures, there is the tradition of sending sweet and salty dishes on different days and events. Pies are widely considered a perfect item for celebrating these occasions. You can add more joy to this experience by adding a spice of customization.

If the event is about celebrating happiness then the box can be customised in the yellow colour. If you have to thank someone then you can send wishes in the pink package. It all depends on your requirements. 

You can also change the shape of the box according to the particular event. For instance, if the event is about celebrating a building design then you can order pies in triangle cardboard boxes to show innovation. 

Factors To Consider

Following are the factors that you have to focus on to raise your sales. 

Cost Efficiency

These boxes are cost-efficient. If you order a large amount from the pie boxes wholesale market this will save you a great amount of money. The manufacturer will provide you with a discount seeing the amount of your orders. 

Innovative Design

Don’t get stuck to traditional or simple designs. Show your client’s dedication to your business by developing innovative ideas about the boxes. Innovation is the key to success in competing with the market. 

Brand Identity

Develop your brand identity among your customers. Provide your number on the custom pie boxes to get a review of the taste and overall service. Also, create a website where consumers can know about your brand motto. Moreover,  create a section on the website where users can give suggestions for creative packaging ideas for further improvement. 

Marketing And Advertising

Spend a great deal of time promoting your brand. A good promotion is the key to attracting customers from different parts of the world. The good news is that marketing in the modern world is way easier due to the internet. 


Choosing the right custom pie boxes is the most important factor for a pie business to succeed in the market. These boxes not only deliver the product but also show the manufacturer’s commitment to his food item. These boxes add more sweetness and spices to celebrate special wishes and occasions. 

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