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Home Improvement Items Every College Student Should Own


Moving into a college dorm or apartment for the first time is an exciting experience. But furnishing and decorating your new space can also be overwhelming, especially if you’re on a student budget. When it comes to home improvement for college students, essential items like versatile storage solutions, space-saving furniture, and decorative elements can transform living spaces; for academic needs, ensuring a well-organized review of UK Writings service is an additional valuable possession, offering reliable assistance in managing both home and college responsibilities seamlessly.

The good news is you don’t need to splurge on expensive furniture and accessories to create a comfortable, functional, and stylish living space. With some savvy shopping and DIY solutions, you can outfit your dorm or apartment with all the home improvement essentials for under $500.

Here are the top home improvement items every college student should own:

Storage Solutions

Lack of storage space is one of the biggest complaints in small dorm rooms and apartments. That’s why every student needs storage solutions to keep clutter under control.

Start with an over-the-door organizer that hangs on the back of your closet or bedroom door. These vertical organizers have shelves perfect for storing extra toiletries, school supplies, electronics, and more. Over-the-door shoe organizers are also great for maximizing vertical storage.

For the main living area, look for stackable storage cubes and canvas cubbies. These square organizers fit neatly on bookshelves or under side tables to corral items like books, folders, electronics, and decor. Labeled fabric bins are useful for categorizing clothing, linens, and other essentials.

Don’t overlook the storage possibilities of your bed. Get bed risers to lift your mattress and allow storage bins to slide right underneath. You can also install a hanging shelf or loft bed for more overhead storage.

Furniture Essentials

Furnishing a dorm or apartment on a budget takes creativity and resourcefulness. Start by checking out thrift stores, garage sales, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace for quality used furniture at a fraction of retail prices. This is the perfect way to find bookcases, chairs, desks, and other staples on the cheap. In the realm of home improvement for college students, owning essential items such as multifunctional furniture and efficient storage solutions is key; alongside this, for academic success, having access to the best PhD writing services can be a valuable resource to manage both home and scholarly responsibilities effectively.

For key furniture items you want to buy new, look for inexpensive but stylish options at stores like IKEA and Target. Their modern, minimalist designs are ideal for small spaces. Focus on multifunctional pieces like ottomans with hidden storage, coffee tables with lift-tops, and nesting side tables.

Don’t overlook floor pillows and inflatable chairs for flexible, comfortable seating. Use tension curtain rods and shower curtain liners to create makeshift room dividers between shared spaces. And foldable TV trays work nicely as impromptu desks or nightstands that can be tucked away when not in use.

Kitchen & Dining Essentials

Setting up an eat-in kitchen comes with its own set of challenges. Luckily, there are plenty of items tailored to dorm and apartment living that don’t require much space or money.

For food storage, choose clear plastic containers in different sizes. Labeled canisters neatly corral dry foods like coffee, sugar, pasta, and snacks. A hanging fruit basket hooks onto cabinets to free up counter space. And a slim rolling cart provides extra storage for appliances.

An adjustable over-the-sink drying rack saves precious counter room. For cooking, an electric kettle, microwave, and toaster oven are kitchen must-haves. Other handy gadgets include a hand blender, electric skillet, and instant pot.

Pick dinnerware, drinkware, and utensils designed for compact storage, like nesting bowls and stacking mugs. An expandable utensil holder fits inside a drawer. And don’t forget kitchen linens like dish towels, pot holders, and trivets.

Bathroom Basics

Most college bathrooms are very cramped, so look for solutions to maximize every inch. Install shelf risers in your medicine cabinet to double the storage. Get a space-saving corner caddy for extra storage on shower shelves.

Adhesive hooks on the wall or back of the door are perfect for hanging towels, robes, and other essentials. For even more storage, choose a tower rack that fits over the toilet tank. Slide narrow rolling carts under the sink to hold toiletries.

Get a shower curtain liner and some playful printed shower curtains to brighten up a bland bathroom. Add a few bathroom accessories like a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and wastebasket for a put-together look. And stick with shower totes and hanging shower caddies to corral all your bath products.

Bedroom Essentials

Between studying and sleeping, you’ll spend a lot of time in your bedroom. That’s why it pays to organize and decorate it for maximum comfort.

Start with storage beds or loft beds with built-in shelves and desks underneath. For more floor space during the day, wall mounted-fold down desks offer hidden work stations.

Use your walls creatively too. Mounted wire baskets provide personalized display shelves. String up photos, cards, and mementos with mini clothespins. Use over-the-door canvas hangers for extra closet space.

For quick cleaning, keep a handheld vacuum and duster on hand. And pick bath rugs and accent pillows in your favorite colors to instantly liven up your room. Add string lights, lamps, and plants to create an inviting sleep sanctuary.

Multipurpose Furnishings

One of the keys to furnishing a small space is finding items that serve multiple purposes. Here are some of the most versatile home improvement items for college students:

  • Storage ottomans hide clutter and provide extra seating
  • Convertible coffee tables become dining tables with folding leaves
  • Lift-top coffee tables reveal hidden storage space
  • Nesting side tables stack together when not in use
  • TV trays double as laptop desks
  • Floor pillows offer flexible lounging options
  • Inflatable chairs fold up small to store
  • Shower curtain partitions create room dividers
  • Bed risers allow under-bed storage
  • Loft beds incorporate desks and shelving
  • Over-the-door organizers add vertical storage

Choosing furniture and accessories with more than one use is the savviest way to multiply your usable space.

Budget-Friendly Accents

The finishing touches really make a space feel like home. Luckily there are tons of ways to personalize your dorm or apartment without spending much:

  • Affordable artwork from Target, Ikea, Society6 or local shops
  • Wall decals and removable wallpaper to decorate
  • Framed photos, posters, and prints
  • Message boards and dry erase calendars
  • Throw blankets and accent pillows in your favorite colors
  • Area rugs to warm up floors
  • String lights for soft lighting
  • Live plants like succulents or snake plants
  • Scented candles
  • Baskets to hold blankets, towels, etc.

Look for sales on home accents around major holidays and the change of seasons. Thrift stores are also great spots to find cheap artwork, mirrors, vases, and other accessories.

With a little creativity, these inexpensive finds let you add personal flair that makes even the smallest dorm feel more like home.

Top Home Improvement Products Under $50

Setting up your first place doesn’t have to drain your savings. Here are some of the top-rated home improvement products for under $50:

  • Foldable storage cubes
  • Bed risers
  • Shower caddies
  • Mesh shower totes
  • Tension curtain rods
  • Over-the-door organizers
  • Wall mounted fold-out desks
  • Inflatable chairs
  • Multi-use ottomans
  • Rolling utility carts
  • Nesting coffee tables
  • Dry erase calendars
  • Photo clip strings
  • Closet organization sets
  • Computer desks
  • Under-bed storage bins
  • Storage headboards

With smart shopping at stores like Target, Walmart, IKEA, and Amazon, you can find quality dorm room and apartment products at student-friendly prices.

Essential Cleaning Supplies

Staying on top of cleaning is easier with the right gear. Here are the basics every student needs:

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Dish soap
  • Dish towels and sponges
  • Mini broom and dustpan
  • Mop and refillable bucket
  • Vacuum (handheld or stick)
  • Laundry hamper
  • Laundry bags for delicates
  • Laundry detergent pods
  • Fabric refresher spray
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Toilet brush and plunger

Look for green cleaners when possible to avoid harsh fumes in your small space. Labeled spray bottles filled with DIY cleaning solutions are budget-friendly too.

Pro tip: Set reminders to tidy and disinfect shared spaces weekly to avoid conflicts with roommates.

Final Thoughts

The idea of furnishing your own place for the first time can be daunting. But you don’t need tons of expensive furnishings and decor to create a comfortable student home. With resourceful shopping and multifunctional finds, you can outfit your space with all the home improvement essentials for $500 or less.

Focus on storage solutions, space-saving furniture, kitchen and bath basics, bedroom gear, budget accents, and cleaning tools. Shop thrift stores, check DIY projects on Pinterest, and look for sales. In no time, you’ll turn your cramped dorm or apartment into a stylish, organized oasis tailored to student life.

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