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5 Best Online PDF Editors 


The transmission of documents on the Internet and the preparation of text or visual documents to be transmitted were actively carried out through PDF files developed by Adobe in 1993. PDF files are being actively used today, and editing these files is becoming much easier. The saving formats of the edited files are also important for this reason. Features such as the convert PDF to Word online process have

 become one of the services that users who use PDF files need the most.

Today, hundreds of pages of files can be shared with all Internet users within seconds, regardless of whether they contain images or text. The convenience offered to users by online PDF editors, which provide such practicality in terms of use, is not limited only to speed, and it is now possible to edit PDF files through online PDF editors and produce better quality content.

How to Choose the Best Online PDF Editor?

It is quite easy to use a wide variety of features together, such as converting PDF files to PDF to Word via online PDF editors, which is the easiest way to edit PDF, encrypt edited files, and add infographics or signatures. There are online PDF editors that offer these features and much more. In this regard, it is important for you to choose the right online PDF editing platform for your needs, so that you can carry out all editing operations in parallel with your budget and work discipline.

Here are a few tips so that you can choose the best online PDF editor for yourself:

Site success rate:

When using the services offered by a site, the general success of the site is at the beginning of the situations that users do not pay attention to, but are important. The fact that the site offers a high performance in terms of user experience also reveals the quality of its content. In order for you to edit PDF files quickly, the site must work quickly. Choosing a site that is protected by HTTPS, has a low spam score, and is subject to strict security measures also increases the efficiency you get.

Features offered by the platform:

When working together with an online PDF editor, you need to manage PDF editing processes without wasting time, and complete the editing process without needing any other resources. In order to meet these conditions, you should make sure that the tools offered by the online PDF editor you prefer cover all the features you will need.


Online PDF editors that offer services with a pricing that exceeds your budget will probably not be the right choice for your needs. Your document editing process should be important in terms of practicality and convenience. The amount you will pay to provide this should not expose you to stress or difficulty.

Editing speed:

The editing speed factor, which is related to the site speed, is also closely related to the design of the platform. Choosing online PDF editors that use a user-friendly interface is important in terms of providing practicality when using the application. It is a good expectation that you expect an editing performance where you will not lose long periods of time to look out for which features you will use in the site layout, where you can easily access the tools and switch between them.

Additional features:

Online PDF editors offer various features to users, and the features offered may vary from platform to platform. Being aware of the additional features offered to users allows you to have an idea in terms of the PDF editing areas you may need and the options you can gain practicality. PDF files, which offer features such as PDF editing, converting PDF to Word or JPG, compression PDF files’ sizes, and equipped with features that make the process even more practical, are also important for you to provide flawless document management.

The Best 5 Online PDF Editors in 2023 

Here are 5 platforms that increase productivity with their unique features and user experience-targeted approach styles as an online PDF editor:

  1. GoPDF

GoPDF provides digital documents with its support of OCR technology and serves its users with a cloud-based operating principle in addition to being AI-powered. Converting PDF to Word and JPG formats offers features such as protection by encrypting, merging, compressing, and signing PDF, as well as features such as engaging, collaborating, and summarizing PDF via AI chat with PDF feature.

  1. Sejda

Sejda, which offers basic PDF editing tools to its users with features such as merging, organizing, filling, and signing, also offers the add watermark feature. The platform, which offers Excel, JPG, PPT, and Word options for converting PDF files, also supports OCR technology.

  1. iLovePDF

iLovePDF, which offers two different versions mobile and desktop, stands out with the repair PDF feature. The platform, which offers sign, watermark, rotate, protect and unlock PDF features in addition, also provides ease of organizing files. 

  1. SmallPDF

SmallPDF, which stands out with the PDF scanner feature, stands out with the unlock PDF feature and the double-sided conversion feature. In addition, the platform, which also offers the number pages feature, facilitates the document editing processes of its users with simple PDF editing tools. 

  1. PDF2Go

PDF2Go, which offers a comprehensive service in the Convert PDF field, is an important platform in terms of supporting Powerpoint, Epub, DJVU, and PDF/A fields. In terms of providing an optimized PDF for Web option, the platform has a working principle that serves multiple editorial processes for users.

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