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The Most Unique Kratom Shots You Must Try


The practice of purchasing a kratom shot once in a while has become a habit. We are aware. However, what we are curious about is where you are getting your shots from. Do you just walk into a shop and choose one or two shots at random from the shelf? Do you perform a detailed check to validate the legitimacy of your selections?

If you want a certain effect from your kratom shot and you are willing to pay a good price for it, you may as well steer clear of the inferior ones and go instead for premium quality kratom shots from a reputable retailer. This will ensure that you get the outcome that you are looking for. Stop for Best Kratom Shots to pick up some premium kratom, vapes, and accessories if you happen to be in the area.

Having said that, let’s get down to the serious job at hand. Here are several kratom shots that you should definitely give a shot at least once.

OPMS Kratom Liquid Shot

The OPMS shot, one of the original extracts available today, may be old but it still packs a punch. OPMS uses certified distilled water in their proprietary extraction method. This method, according to their scientists, completely preserves the alkaloid content of kratom leaves. Believe us when we say there won’t be many complaints about OPMS Liquid Kratom.

Shot K

K Shot is a fan favourite and a huge part of our growing community. This is a long-standing shot made from the popular Maeng Da blend, just like OPMS Liquid Kratom. It’s essentially an alkaloid suspension oil with incredible energising properties. K Shot contains 9 mg of pure kratom leaves per bottle. This is available in almost every kratom shop, as well as among experienced kratom users who recommend keeping one on hand at all times.

Shot of MIT 45 Kratom Extract

The MIT 45 was created only a few years ago, but it quickly became a smash hit in the Kratom community in the United States. This is one of the most popular and potent kratom shots on the market today, and it’s also known as ‘rocket fuel.’ The MIT 45 is pure, unadulterated kratom with a mitragynine content of 45 percent. You now understand why this is one of the most powerful shots available. The extraction plants, which originated in Holland, use specialised machinery to ensure a potent result. If you’re looking for a serious hit, MIT 45 will not disappoint.If you want something lighter, try the next one on our list.

Silver Shot MIT 45

The Silver Shot is not as powerful as the MIT 45 Extract Shot or the OPMS, but it is of exceptional quality. Not every kratom user seeks a powerful high from their shots. Some people Prioritize quality over quantity. The Silver Shot may be mild, but it is far from disappointing and far less expensive than its more potent cousin.Now for the exciting part.

The Extra Strong Edition of Super K Extract

The Super K Extra Strong shot is made by the my kratom club that makes the MIT 45. It is well-known because it is the undisputed strongest kratom shot on the extract market. If you’ve heard that another company’s shot is the best, believe us when we say this one can give them all a run for their money. So, let’s put it this way.

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