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Best Alcohol Delivery Services of 2021


Alcohol delivery services are one option for keeping your collection well-stocked without having to make a trip to the store.

Options range from one-hour service from your favorite local merchants to delivery to your front door in a few days from national retailers. Whatever you choose, you’ll soon be enjoying a martini on the couch.


Drizly features a vast alcohol marketplace where you may shop for beer, wine, and spirits if you want variety and you want it fast. Drizly works with retail businesses in cities across North America to provide a large selection and affordable pricing that can be delivered to your house in as little as an hour.

To begin, enter your address to search for beer, wine, and liquor in your area. The company ensures that there will be no markups on the prices. After you place your order, the store will prepare your things and notify you when they are on their way. Credit and debit cards are accepted for payment; cash is not accepted for orders; however, you can tip in cash if preferred.

The objective of the service is to ensure that coolers, glasses, and refrigerators are never empty again. You can either schedule your order for later or have it delivered right away.


While most people are familiar with DoorDash for food deliveries, it also provides same-day alcohol delivery from local liquor stores, restaurants, and brewers. If you’re missing dining supper out at your favorite restaurant while sipping a nice beer, DoorDash can deliver it to your door for free on your first purchase.

Go to the DoorDash website or utilize the DoorDash app to place an order. You must pay the cost of your meal and alcohol, as well as taxes, a delivery fee, an optional tip, and a service fee.

Fees differ depending on which restaurant you select. Any fees will be displayed on the checkout screen so you can see the amount before you pay. In addition, your receipt will include a breakdown of your order, taxes, fees, and gratuity.

When demand is particularly high, there may be additional fees for orders.


You may already be familiar with Instacart for supermarket delivery. The company’s delivery service has now extended to include alcohol.

A personal shopper will pick up your products after placing your order and establishing a time. The online grocery delivery service collaborates with local merchants to ensure timely deliveries to your home. More than 14 states have access to the service.

Go to the website or use the mobile app and choose your city and preferred retailer to place your first order. Then, add food and liquor to your cart and finish your order.

The items are forwarded to a personal shopper, who will text you with photographs of possible replacements if they are not available. Everything that the business regularly sells is for sale.

With Instacart, you can order meals for a home dinner and get a bottle of wine to go with it.


Minibar works with local liquor stores to bring wine, beer, and spirits to your door. Add a present, such as coffee, to your order and make someone happy at home. Alternatively, you can acquire accessories to stock your home bar with glassware.

Ordering is straightforward. Enter your address and select whether you want beer, wine, or spirits. Under each category, you’ll find a list of available items as well as the vineyard, brewery, or distillery that produces them.

You can get on-demand items from local liquor stores and have them delivered in 30 to 60 minutes, or you can order wines straight from vineyards and have them transported and delivered in two to three business days.

While you’re waiting, visit Minibar’s blog to learn about wine pairings, culinary ideas, and even an article about natural wines.

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