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Some Proven Link Building Strategies in 2021


In today’s world, where millions of websites are constantly working on getting their Google rankings to the top, ensuring that your website ranks there as well can be a tough prospect. It is still possible if you use your cards correctly. Backlinks are an exciting topic that is usually ignored. People develop their SEO techniques and keyword management strategies, but they overlook the value of link building services. Backlinks are one of Google’s top three ranking factors. They have a huge impact on the reach of your website.

To begin, let’s define what backlinks are and why they’re crucial to you.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are inbound or incoming links to your page from a third-party website. Google evaluates and ranks these backlinks based on their authority and credibility. The higher the backlink’s security, the higher its Google ranking. Check the protection of the link and relevance of the content to your page to ensure the website is associated with a high-quality backlink. These aspects are extremely important in determining your Google ranking.

Quantm Media will assist you in developing long-term relationships with other brands and creating a referral traffic funnel. That being said, let’s take a look at some unique strategies for quickly gaining backlinks to your website in 2021.

Performing Network Outreach

Network outreach will provide your website with unique market opportunities. You can find connections who have their blogs or websites and are willing to host a hyperlink.

Such individuals will broaden your audience reach while also providing new opportunities to connect their pre-existing brands and leaders. It will also serve as a stamp of approval in terms of driving referral traffic. 

But first, sort the directories by those with a higher domain authority than yours, and then contact them for business inquiries. You can create a few keyword phrases relevant to your business and ensure that your content appears in search results.

Using Broken Link Strategy

One of the simplest and most successful methods for increasing organic reach is to use broken links. All you have to do is find broken links on other people’s web pages and recommend a replacement.

Identify the broken link and send a suitable replacement to the owner. This strategy helps in the formation of strong connections and the building of favorable relationships with various business owners. It also aids in the improvement of your SEO rankings.

Capitalising on Business Listings Websites

Google listings allow you to earn quality backlinks in no time. These listings include various information about your website or brand, such as the business’s name, email address, website, office address, etc. The multiple platforms seem to be excellent for domain security.

There are many companies listing websites that include no-follow tags on their links. If your website is linked to your niche, such backlinks can be quite beneficial. Remember, the goal is to locate anything relevant.

Keeping your Content Updated

It is important to create high-quality content for your website. However, failure to keep the information up to date and relevant to current events can cause problems.

You must update the information, data, and charts to reflect current events and notify the proprietors of the many websites that have linked to your content. It increases the relevancy and transparency of your page, effectively raising your SERP.

Capitalising on media sources

Quality content is always in demand by news organizations. They have the option of selecting your content and including a backlink to their site. These outlets have a bigger volume of user traffic than the rest, which might help you improve your SEO position. You can pitch your blog or website to numerous media outlets as well.


To summarize, backlinks are an essential component of your SEO strategy. The tactics listed above are effective and will help you improve your rankings over time. Try to implement as many of these as possible to achieve instant results.

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