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What is the risk of watching movies and series streaming?


Are you a fan of home movies watching videos online? Have you ever wondered what are the risks you run when it comes to illegal streaming? In addition to the increasingly virulent computer threats, you can also be the subject of legal proceedings. If you get caught with your hand in the bag, you incur heavy penalties. To protect yourself, there is a trick the effectiveness of which is well established. Find out more in our article.

Overview of the different forms of streaming

There are two main types of streaming sites: legal and illegal.

Legal streaming sites

For the legal form, it concerns streaming video distribution platforms that have obtained the approval of the administrator. Usually, an agreement between those responsible for the site and the beneficiaries has been signed in exchange for a certain amount of money.

This concerns platforms offering streaming files on the Internet for which the subscription is often paid for Windows VPN.

It can also be pay television channels or broadcasting videos to which only citizens of their country of origin can have access (as is the case for My Canal abroad for example).

Generally, opening an account is required to enjoy the services of these legal streaming sites. What do we risk by connecting to it? Nothing, neither for your device (PC, tablet or smartphone) nor for your personal data. Only your wallet will suffer.

Illegal streaming sites

For the illegal form, these are websites broadcasting videos without the consent of the rights holders. As a result, these platforms violate copyright. Why does the number of Internet users who opt for this illegal practice continue to increase?

First, because the services they offer are generally free. In addition, they provide a complete catalog of videos. From old films to newer ones, including series that have just been released, it’s all there.

What is the risk of going to these sites? In one word: “Hadoop”. You incur penalties which can be relatively heavy. We will come back to this a little later in our article, with all the details.

It is good to know that their pages are full of ads which is what allows them to make a profit. You have probably already had this unpleasant experience, with pop ups that appear in an unwanted manner.

Focus on illegal streaming in France

According to a poll conducted by Harris Interactive in June 2018, 92% of the French population claim to watch series. Among people under 35, 41% do so through a medium other than television.

Among this segment of the population, 19% admit to using illegal practices, including streaming on illegal sites. Have these internet users ever wondered what the risks are if they get pinned? Apparently, this doesn’t scare them, as the number of visits to these types of platforms keeps increasing over the years.

According to the 2018 MUSO report, there was a 1.6% increase, with more than 300 billion visits in one year. 106.9 billion Concern series, or more than a third. Still according to its statistics, France would hold the gold medal in Europe, with 10.5 billion visits.

Note that currently, France has about 13 million Internet users who regularly engage in this illegal practice. However, these figures cannot be considered exact. Indeed, it is always difficult to follow the activities of Internet users using a VPN.

For the record, some cyber-dissidents were caught by the specialized institutions and were punished according to the law in force. If you are wondering “what is the risk of indulging in this kind of practice”, we will give you all the details in the rest of our article.

What is the risk of going to streaming sites?

It is good to know that there are many computer threats when going online. Internet users who are used to indulging in this illicit practice face various dangers.

What are the risks from a material point of view?

Be aware that streaming sites can harbor many computer viruses. Have you ever wondered “what is the risk of logging into illegal platforms that stream video over the Internet”?

The first threat is ransomware, which is becoming more and more virulent these days. This software, also called “ransomware”, has evolved with the speed of technological progress. It was designed to take the files of gullible user’s hostage.

What are the other risks? Phishing or phishing attack. This malicious action consists of recovering your confidential data using sophisticated fraudulent techniques. This could be, for example, an email including an invitation to share a document or imitating that of your bank.

As soon as you click on the link provided in the email, a specific application opens, allowing the cybercriminal to steal your personal information. It is particularly aimed at identifiers with passwords as well as banking information.

Now you know what the risks are for your PC, tablet or smartphone. You also know that your personal data is not immune to fraudulent maneuvers. To ensure optimal security, do not hesitate to use a Virtual Private Network.

What are the risks from a legal point of view?

According to article 321-1 of the Penal Code, a video benefiting from copyright protection cannot be exploited in any way whatsoever. Making a copy of a file protected by copyright is therefore considered to be concealment of an infringement.

This activity is punishable by heavy penalties: 3 years’ imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros.

However, according to the content of this article, only people who participated in the creation and administration of said streaming site are affected by these legal proceedings.

In theory therefore, Internet users who access it do not have to worry … Only in theory. We invite you to always ask yourself this famous question: “what is the risk if specialized institutions like Hadoop get involved”?

It’s best to always keep up to date with the latest news. Indeed, the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the Internet recently hinted that it was going to look more into illegal streaming. The situation may therefore change more quickly in the coming years.

At the moment, the majority of cases involving illegal streaming mainly concern the administrators of sites that have posted pirated videos. They are primarily responsible as they make copies of files protected by copyright available.

The cases of arrests recorded in France

Managers of streaming sites offering illegal content have been sentenced to heavy penalties by French justice.

We would like to give you some cases of arrests with details of the penalties imposed on them. This will help you understand what the risks are before you go to an illegal streaming platform.

The creator of the famous platform was arrested in March 2016. This streaming site had a rich catalog made up of more than 2,000 series and 10,000 films illegally uploaded. At the time, he held the 3 the place in terms of number of visits in France.

Last year, a 41-year-old man was accused of operating an illegal site: Stream. The verdict fell in February 2018. The Nanterre Criminal Court sentenced him to a 2-year prison term and a fine of € 83.6 million.

Large groups like SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers) continue to hunt down pirates. This is another reason to ask questions. Ask yourself “what is the risk” before continuing to indulge in this kind of practice.

At the end of May 2021, 7 French people were accused of having broadcast 2 million illegal copies of series. Among them, there is a 22-year-old director. The latter will appear in court in June and November of this year. They risk up to 7 years in prison and a 750,000 euros fine.

In this case, 12 streaming platforms were dismantled, including,, and Do not wait to receive an email from these specialized institutions or to have been imprisoned to ask yourself what are the risks when you indulge in this prohibited activity.

Protect yourself with a VPN

Now you know what the risks are in going to illegal streaming sites. If you can’t quit this bad habit, we show you some effective tips to protect yourself.

By using a Virtual Private Network, your connection security is 100% guaranteed. You will be perfectly safe from computer threats, ranging from viruses to phishing attempts, and more.

Even the Hadoop and your ISP will have a hard time tracking your online activities, that’s to say!

Indeed, if you connect via servers located abroad, your real IP address will be completely hidden. In addition, you have the possibility to easily bypass blockages related to geolocation.

The applications offered generally have strong encryption, security protocols based on the latest technology and other features such as the Kill Switch. This way, you can surf the web with complete peace of mind without worrying about the dangers of the Internet.

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