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Should You Invest in Writing Content For Google or Social Media?


Is investing in social media a better choice or investing in Google a better choice for the purpose of writing the contents? This topic was discussed among the experts of marketing, some years from now. A lot of organizations are taking interest in content marketing and for expanding their trade they hire SEO agencies. They are unaware of the power of social media. However, there are some companies that do not utilize SEO for growing their audience. Instead, they use social media for this purpose. According to HubSpot, the percentage of people who want to purchase the items as per the recommendations of social media is 71 Percent of change calculator and the percentage of individuals who want to perform research on search engines for making a purchase is 61 %. Now I am going to describe whether you should invest in writing content for Google or for social media.  

1. Specific audience targeting – A specific audience that you target can benefit you on Google as well as on social media if you want to invest in content writing. Acquiring engagement, traffic and sales becomes possible with this. If instead of using SEO, you use social platforms, then finding the target audience becomes very easy for you. This is because a target audience that is built-in comes with all social media platforms. On the other hand, there may be certain types of conversations that the people are planning and you can use these conversations as a base for targeting the people whenever you want to use organic SEO or Google for writing the content and making investment in it.

2. Required efforts – Constantly posting the quality content that you create is important for social media marketing. You can easily schedule the postings by using Buffer, which is a tool of social media management and along with all this adequate planning is also necessary. For creating posts, scheduling and monitoring them you can take the help of tools of social media management. Usually, a social platform post has a very small life. So, you need to post consistently and give proper response to each comment. For seeing the results, it is necessary to put more effort in spite of the use of tools that make it easy. However, regular efforts and six months’ time is needed if you want to use Google for writing content and make investment in it.

3. Content type – In organic SEO as well as social media marketing, the content plays an important role. For social platforms and organic SEO, which content type can serve the purpose? This topic has been discussed so many times. HubSpot says that the SEO can be better if the content is long. It needs to be at least 300 words as per Yoast. On the other hand, the posts on social platforms are not so long. On comparing with the blogs and case studies on the web, we find these social platform posts as less technical. We can say that content types are not the same on organic SEO and social media marketing. However, for providing maximum impact, they take each other’s help. For instance, a website can have a link from a small post on Facebook. It will help in increasing the website traffic. The user engagement also plays a very good role in the content by commenting and sharing. In the above example, the website traffic can increase if for the small post the people retweet, comment and share.

4. Products and services that are urgent – Sometimes there is an urgency of services and products of a certain type. Is your business capable of providing these? For immediately required services and products, you will mostly go to Google and perform the search. As an example, if your washing machine doesn’t work properly then for getting a service of repairing it, you will make a Google search. For a business, it will be good to use those keywords on Google that people mostly search. It is possible for your website to get a good number of clicks if its position is among the top 3 results on SERPs. So, what is the requirement of investing in social platform advertising here?

If you are running a business and for solving a problem you want to use a strategy of social media by taking the help of a third-party business then it will be good for you to take the help of social media consulting services.      

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