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5 Types of Video Content that Attract Customers


Around 85% of internet users in the US watch video content every month. It signifies that most people prefer this type of content to receive information, especially in the age of social media, where visuals are more attractive than the traditional written text.

If you’re a business owner looking for a way to draw customers, it’d be helpful to consider video content in your marketing strategy. Further surveys also state that 93% of businesses get more customers from the video on social media. 

However, many companies still linger on whether video content can bring them profits despite this incredible fact.   

Video content can benefit you in many ways, including:

Increase Awareness

The advent of social media gives advantages for businesses as it works beyond boundaries. When you manage your social media well, you’ll gain points that avail your company. 

First off, everyone on the internet can access social media platforms. In fact, over 3.6 billion people use social media worldwide. This data alone can give you an understanding of how powerful online platforms are for your business. 

Likewise, social media works on the beauty of visual content. That’s why a video has a better position to attract people as it shows the old-fashioned information into compelling content. Video content can help your brand deliver messages to a broad audience—a way to gain bigger exposure and increase awareness.

Boost Traffic

Traffic is a great deal when it comes to getting more customers. Logically, when a surge of internet users visit your site, it’s more likely to turn them into customers than the other way round. Your video content can bring in more traffic to your site by having your site address inside it. That’s because users are drawn to your site right after watching the video.

5 Types of Video Content that Attract Customers

Attracting customers to your brand isn’t easy. You must create something convincing enough for them to take a look at your product. The following are the top five video content that is compelling to the audience.  

1. Tutorial Videos

How-To or tutorial videos are best when it comes to capturing the audience’s attention fast. The information lets them know a better way to create something. This type of video content also gives off curiosity about what will happen with the result. For that reason, viewers are urged to try on their own.

When you want to lure your audience into your product, implementing a tutorial video is a great move. You can also put a subtle marketing promotion inside the video.

2. Product Review Videos

Do you know that product review videos generate a lot of views on social media? That’s because customers want to learn more about the product, especially from their perspective.

Videos like unboxing and product testing are engaging as people get to know closely about the brand. Moreover, this type of video can get your brand’s name out there. The viewers will be aware of your product or service rather quickly. 

3. Behind-The-Scenes Videos

This video is about showcasing your company culture to the public. You can flaunt the work ethic inside the building that ensures people how serious and enthused your teams are in creating the product.

However, the behind-the-scenes video is a bit tricky as it attracts a different type of viewers. Your video can entice employees as well as a business partner who wants to work together with you. On the other side, you can catch the potential customer’s attention by displaying product making from the ground.

4. Explainer Videos

If you need a video that well represents your brand, an explainer video is good to go. This marketing video aims to build an audience and spread the word about you. Unlike the previous video content above, an explainer video is best to use in the introductory stage.

The animation is the primary style of an explainer video. It breaks down complex words into easy-to-digest information, and it’s apparent that the animation makes it more fun to watch.    

5. Testimonial Videos

Customers’ testimonials are the best way to promote your brand exclusively. Your past clients’ words are essential to convince potential customers to purchase your product. 

The reason is that customers will likely believe in others’ testimonials as they share the same perspective. Besides, there’s nothing more persuading than looking at another customer excites about the product they love.


There are many ways to attract customers on social media. One of the best methods is to provide video content that people love. These above videos are great in approaching customers with a different key point. Eventually, the videos will lead you to achieve your marketing goals.  

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