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Most trending designer handbags to buy from Yoox in 2021


If you are a true fashion enthusiast then Yoox is probably the place where you will find a complete toss-up of the trending spring/summer 2020 handbag styles. 2020 has marked some of the iconic handbag styles and it can be easily stated that these handbag trends are here to stay for a while. Handbags can be very expensive at times but Yoox Promo Code Singapore can help you get them at incredible prices.

Now take a look at some of the top highlighted bags that you can buy from Yoox this year.

The Iconic Raffia Bag

The Raffia bag is simple yet iconic to carry this summer and it is the best choice for women to carry them at work or even on a beach trip. While being so much polished with time, these unique designs surely deserve a desk-side position in the office too. The raffia is a simple crossbody bag but with so much evolution over time, it has now become a perfect match for almost any outfit you can think about.

Today’s top fashion designers namely Prada, Celine, Valentino, Fendi, Dolce Gabbana, and many others have recognised the importance of these styles and trends in bags. And for that, they keep on bringing unique and dynamic fashion trends to satisfy their customers unique demands.

Out of all these market leading fashion designers, Fendi has given it a rough rugged jute look with its logo positioned right in the middle, making it look perfect to carry during the day time anywhere casual or official place. These designer bags can be very expensive at times, especially when they are launched. But do not worry at all about the expensive prices. This is where Yoox Promo Code Singapore will make it easier for you to get your hands on them at a discounted price.

The Micro Mini

Get ready with your magnifying glasses because these micro bags are trending for this year. All the designers have taken this mini bag trend to a whole new micro level and people are totally drooling over it.

It is easy to say that these are practically not a top priority for your day to day activities but it was Lizzo who was initially spotted with Valentino’s micro bag on the red carpet and later on with a Jacquemus micro torte in a TikTok video and people went crazy after it.

Designer brands such as Channel, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana and Jacquemus have started this trend and are really creating a market for it. Micro minis are expensive and to be only taken seriously when you have absolutely nothing to carry or if you have the Yoox Promo Code Singapore. These promo codes will help you follow the trend at a lesser price.

The splendid subtle sac handbags

This season all the designers have just reshaped the evergreen super sac handbag. These carry on are considered to be huge in size and the perfect one to carry around the city. All the designers from Riviera-Elegant Canvas, Bottega Veneta and Ferragamo to Gabriela Hearst and Lanvin, these casual handbags are to be hurled over the shoulders or used as a crossbody.

Sometimes it can be a tough job to select just one designer brand for a handbag. With so many digits on the price tag makes it easy for most of the people to start having second doubts. But having second thoughts is not an option if you are using Yoox Promo Code Singapore. These discount codes will make it easier for you to purchase one of these handbags without even blinking an eye.

The Clutch Focus

All the artists are bringing back the prompt 2000’s style of the side clutches with a touch of 2020 fashion requirements into the market. These clutches are sleek in design with lots of vibrant colours added to it. It’s a series of snap- fasten purses with retro styles with some puffy options added to it. Also, this time there is an extra room added for your convenience.

Designer brands such as Boss, Balenciaga, Celine, and Alexander McQueen have just revamped the early 2000 series into an iconic modern fashion statement and the entire world just cannot wait to get their hand on them. These bags are exclusive and versatile at the same time and are the best fit for your evening hangouts or exclusive dinners.

Price tags of these handbags are tanked among the highest-rated prices compared to other handbags. Therefore, it is highly recommended that everyone should get access to Yoox Promo Code Singapore. This way they will be able to purchase these clutches at reasonable prices.

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