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11 Tips to Consider Before Choosing Wedding Cake!!


When it comes to the wedding planning process, make sure not to overlook the most valuable and often the most fun part of the wedding cake. Even though it is fun to go with an online nangs delivery, it still needs the same amount of attention as the other tasks you have to accomplish before the big day.

Generally, wedding cakes are the conventional cake served to visitors after the wedding meal. It is a huge cake, which is the typical larger cake we have on other occasions. In most cases, the cakes are multi-layered enriched with icing, globules, and different decorations. At the top is a little statue of a lady and a lucky man.

Since the cakes have a significant job in the wedding party the followings are the eleven important points to remember when you deal with your wedding cake:

1 Taste your wedding cake

Once you have your big day confirmed, you need to know the appointment schedules of every baker. During the tasting process, customers are invited to the bakery to taste the finished cake and ask questions about the cake. This is an invaluable chance to get to know the talent of the baker. From this process of tasting the cake, you would know who the right baker for your wedding cake is.

2 About the sugar crystal

You need to decide whether you would like to have cream or icy sugar crystals for your wedding cake. Cakes made of creams are usually more delicious. But if you want to have a smooth outlook, you might need to choose an icy sugar crystal for your cake.

3 Refrigerating ingredients

If your wedding takes place in a hot outdoor environment, you should never use whipped cream or egg-sugar crystal for your cake because these ingredients melt easily in a hot outdoor environment. You can make your cake by using ingredients that do not need to be refrigerated.

4 Watch out for your wedding magazines

Beware of the photos you saw in magazines. These photos might be edited by computers. You will always be disappointed. Besides, lots of ornaments may be added and attached to the cake and they are usually non-edible ingredients.

5 Perfect details

The most economic choice for wedding cake ornament is fruit & fresh flower. You can even lower the price by letting your flower stylist handle this for you. If you would like to use some more fancy ornaments, resin or sugar flower ornaments are also good choices. However, these ornaments are all hand made and would increase the cost of the cake. But certainly, you will get more details if you pay more.

6 Fresh flower decoration: a supplement

If you decide to decorate your wedding cake using fresh flowers, make sure your flower stylist can cooperate with your baker. And your flower stylist is capable of handling the falling of the petals.

7 Safety and food hygiene

When you use the fresh flower as your wedding cake ornament, please ensure that there is no pesticide on the flowers. Please also ensure that there is no non-edible ornament on the cake before your guests eat the cake.

8 Money-saving tips

To save budget, you can order cake online with decoration with just a small portion to eat or order some decorated non-edible cake for the reception.

9 Beware of your bill

If your marriage venue has an in-house bakery, you can still bring along your cake stylist. But you need to ask if the wedding venue will charge you to bring your cake stylist. Ask for every detail so that you will not pay for something you do not plan to pay for.

10 Groom’s cake

This is a tradition that the groom should take care of the wedding cake. During the wedding, the couple would cut the cake and serve it as a dessert for the guests. The groom’s cake is usually in a dark color (it is usually a chocolate cake). The groom’s cake shows his passion for his big day!

11 Mini-cake

You can prepare an individual mini-cake for every guest. However, it can be end up with an huge budget due to the individual decorative items box of each mini-cake. But make sure that your guests would be happy when you serves the mini-cake on the plate to them.

Whenever you have settled on the decision of the choices with your cake, it’s all in the hands of the baker. Do whatever it takes not to stress a lot over the wedding cake. Depending upon how far ahead of time you contracted your cake from the baker, do call a week or so before your marriage to affirm the cake plan with your baker. Whenever you have done this there truly isn’t more that you can do, other than standing by to cut into the delectable wedding cake that you helped design at your wedding gathering.

Hopefully, these tips can help you online order cake on time.

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