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Zombie’ Cars Offer Huge Savings, But Have Risks: Here Are 5 Reasons Why


Zombie cars are, as their name suggests, a blend of living and the dead. These undead vehicles are a liability on your bank account.

As a car buyer or seller, saving money and earning money are two of the most favoured commotions. One wants to stop their cash from burning and the other wants them to keep on coming. This results in one of the most common things in the vehicle business. One of them is the demand for zombie cars. For retailers and for consumers. As manufacturers move forward to bigger and better things, these orphaned cars become available at great prices.

Now, let us get it clear that zombie cars are not bad. In fact, they can get you an underrated model for great prices. The biggest downside is that it will have no official support. However, we will come to that later. Right now, the point is how and why you should avoid it. Saving a couple of thousands of dollars might sound alluring. But when you take into account the disadvantages, are you really saving anything? Or are you buying more hassle? To answer these questions, let us proceed.

  1. Disadvantages 

One of the reasons they are what they are is because of their failure to make an impact. If a car is zombified by the manufacturer, then that means the model did not achieve their target. It might have been a great car with wonderful performance. However, if it does not sell, it is dead weight. The companies care about the profits they see on their bank accounts. At the end of the day, that is all that matters. However, since it has become a norm for people to find cheaper options, they tend to make the last bit of money off of these zombie cars. Resulting in people finding these options. However, the main disadvantage is that despite of saving money, you can always find options that are actually not zombified for the same price

  1. No Official Support

One of the main problems with zombified cars is back support. Experts who deal with used cars say that anyone looking to buy used cars online in NZ would prefer something with a bit of back support. Now, zombified cars, despite being new, have no back support. Official mechanics do not like them. Manufacturers stop producing parts for them. In result, these cars do their names justice. They are limp zombies, roaming around the roads. If your car breaks, then you can be sure you will receive no official support from the manufacturer. 

  1. Parts Are Scarce 

When companies stop producing parts, you stop finding them on shelves. Resulting in one of the most annoying disadvantages. The scarcity of parts. Not finding the right ones. Not finding any at all. Imagine that. A car broke down and was unable to drive just because of a missing part. While some things are universal, some engine and other components require tailor made parts. Some mechanics and companies might tend to a few models. However, for most models, if a car is put off the manufacturing list, their parts are sure to become scarce.

  1. Performance Issues

As mentioned earlier, if a car is not performing as well as it should, then the companies check them off their priority list. Now, these performance issues are not magically fixed in these zombified vehicles. Now, imagine that you come across one of these alluring options. While on paper it might look like a steal deal. However, it is you who is getting ripped off. Not exactly, because it needs to be reiterated that some models are great and their parts are easily available. However, for most, this is easily the frequent issue.

  1. Security Risk

These cars are a security risk as well. Imagine having no official support. No traditional measuring of your car’s health, performance and overall capabilities. You are driving on a dark road. Aside from that, you are risking your finances, your health and moreover your own life at some point. The bottom line is, the little amount of money you are trying to save can get you a much better and safer option.

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